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  • "I went here yesterday for a Groupon I got for Valentines Day. It included an hour massage, wellness exam and hydro massage. I haven't had a massage in a year but I wanted to go just to relax. I was a little skeptical because I didn't want other services shoved down my throat while I was there to relax. Tiffany did my massage and was wonderful! Was a little too warm for my liking in the room though. Dr. Moore is a great man for the wellness exam. Super nice. Wasn't in there long and then a 10 min hydro massage was nice to end my visit. I would go back for another massage or stop in for a quick hydro massage. Also, if I ever need physical therapy, I would definitely keep this place on my options for that too in the future but let's hope I don't need it any time soon! � As I was leaving the Office Manager introduced herself and was super nice! Great staff and very professional! Thank you!"
    Lyz Holmes via Facebook
  • "Dr Moore is so much more than just a chiropractor. He's a friend and his staff is amazing. He can help with so many ways. He has helped my fiancée with her shakes and migraines (the migraines aren't gone but her neck pain is better).

    He's so energetic, if you've never been to a chiropractor, or are looking for a new one, come down here."
    Adam Quinn via Facebook
  • "Everyone at this office is wonderful and caring. Doc takes his time with you and makes u feel important. He truly cares about his patients and their health."
    Dawn Migliore via Facebook
  • "Dr Moore is the absolute best! My should hurt so bad yesterday I couldn't lift it to put on deodorant. He moved his schedule around to fit me in and after just the 1st treatment my arm feels 10x better."
    Tom West via Facebook
  • "Amazing experience. Dr John is great and the support of the staff is wonderful. I would definitely recommend anyone because of my experience!!!!"
    Brian Wollenberg via Facebook
  • "I was very skeptical about visiting a chiropractor. I stepped out of my comfort zone after a friend recommended visiting amerihealth... I can honestly say I am beyond impressed with the results I have experienced! The best part is the staff is amazing! Dr. Moore is very thorough with his plan of health. He explains everything step by step... His goal is for the greater good of every patient!! Thank you all for becoming my #WellnessFamily"
    Ron John via Facebook
  • "I cannot express how thankful I am for this facilty and for Dr. John R. Moore, D.C. I have lived with back pain for years that just worsened into sciatica, in one visit Dr. Moore found my problem and I walked out with no pain and will continue my treatment to ensure I stay healthy from now on."
    Kim Graham via Facebook
  • "Update! Did 4 classes for our Les Mills launch Saturday, April 16th and still able to move! Knee did great with jumping, burpees and sliding! Shoulders made it through weights with Grit and Bodypump!

    I went in initially with knee pain and then added carpel tunnel and shoulder pain. The knee was effecting my active workout schedule of Zumba, cycling, Kickboxing, Bodypump, ect...After 6 weeks of therapy from Dr. Moore my knee is almost 100%. I continued to cycle, but finally went back to Zumba which included squats, jumping-jacks, burpees and high knees. At first skeptical, I had no pain and went full force. Could not be happier with the results. I no longer wear a wrist splint for my carpel tunnel. Still working on getting the shoulder strength back, but it is coming along as well! Many thanks to Dr. Moore and all of the caring staff on getting me back in the game!!!"
    Christy Green-Schlanger via Facebook
  • "I have been a regular patient of Dr. Moore's at Amerihealth for just about 4 years now. I am so grateful for the initial care Dr. Moore and his wonderful staff gave me to help me heal after a car accident and I go back every single month for maintenance visits (which are always needed). I am impressed with the consistently great service and care I receive from this team."
    Amy Phillips-Gary via Facebook
  • "Dr. Moore is great! I woke up on a Saturday morning with a sore back and we had a great evening planned with friends to go to the Cavs game. I called 10 chiropractors in the city and nobody returned my phone call but when I called Dr. Moore's office he said give me 20 minutes and I'll meet you at the office. Dr. Moore truly cares about the health and well-being of his customers because he came in just for me on his day off. He fixed me up to where I had immediate relief and I made the Cavs game. Dr. Moore your outstanding! Thanks for getting me back up and running."
    Jay Emmi Neff via Facebook
  • "I am a male of 66 years of age that eats right and exercises daily. I consider my health to be very good compared with other men in my age group. I was working out at LA Fitness last month with weights and thought I pulled a muscle. It was still causing pain 6 weeks later and knew it must be a nerve or something else. I went to Dr. Moore and he adjusted my spine and noticed that maybe my shoulder was out of joint. He not only adjusted my spine but put my shoulder back in socket and I feel great."
    Mike Buschlen via Facebook
  • "I was having a lot of low back pain, so bad that at one point I could barely walk without screaming in pain. I just finished my third visit with Dr Moore and I'm already noticing a significant difference, I hardly have any pain at all..just after three visits! I definitely recommend Amerihealth to everyone. The staff is very friendly and professional and the treatment works!"
    Kristin Huddle via Facebook
  • "I'm so thankful for this amazing practice! The ladies at the front are so sweet and Dr. Moore is awesome I've suffered with back issues for years my insurance doesn't cover chiropractic care. This office took great care of me and has made it affordable to continue with care. They're also awesome at getting me in if I need a same day appointment! So thankful for them!"
    Lisa Cook via Facebook
  • "A special thank you, to Darko for educating me during my visit and helping to relieve my stiff neck, aches and pains. I HIGHLY recommend AmeriHealth Chiropractic and I'll definitely be coming back!"
    Adrienne Harrison via Facebook
  • "Dr Moore and staff are awesome. Dr Moore healed up my torn calf muscle in just a few weeks. He knew exactly what to do to help me walk much faster and be back to normal. The treatment also will help my calf not be prone to re-injury. I'm very satisfied and would highly recommend."
    Shannon Williams via Facebook
  • "I had pretty much given up on docs and accepted status quo, then I met Dr. Moore :-). the way a patient doctor partnerhsip should be ....the goal ... staying in optimal health; and not ... 'not dying as yet or terribly sick' so carry on! All I can say... need more docs like Dr. Moore in the world! To a better tomorrow!"
    Vandana Sareen via Facebook
  • "Dr. Moore is extremely knowledgeable and always on time. He takes time to explains things very well and his staff is also very friendly. Definitely would recommend him to anyone I know."
    Danny Meng via Facebook
  • "I've been to many chiropractors and Dr. John is the best!!! The hydro bed is amazing and works out all the knots in my back!!!"
    Kirsten Whitcomb Drummond via Facebook
  • "I went to AmeriHealth with severe back and shoulder pain. I couldn't walk without pain and couldn't lift my arm because of my shoulder. Just a couple weeks later my back is so much better and I can lift weights above my head without shoulder pain. Thank you AmeriHealth!"
    Rhiannon Bush via Facebook
  • "I am very impressed by the size of the facility and the different services that are offered. Dr. Moore and the staff are professional but made me feel right at home. I know I made the right decision for my back care."
    Dylan Reda via Facebook
  • "I love the care and support provided by every staff member! They work hard to make sure you not only get great results but at an affordable rate. Recommending to everyone!"
    Alysha DiRosario via Facebook
  • "I had my consultation with Dr. Moore and his staff! They were awesome. I highly recommend a massage with Christian. I used to work at Massage Envy and his blew every one of them out of the ballpark. I'll definitely be back again."
    Cole Still via Facebook
  • "Wonderful staff who listen to the patient and put the patient's needs first. Telephone follow-up after treatment is unheard of with other facilities but standard practice with Amerihealth Chiropractic."
    Anthea Martin Nesbitt via Facebook
  • "Back in 2008 I was having daily migranes so bad that I could not work. I walked into Dr. Moore's office and discovered I had serious subluxation. I was treated that day and was feeling much better! After a few sessions, my migranes were completely gone! They have not returned since! Thanks so much, Dr. Moore! I do not know what I would have done without you. <HUGS> Yvonne Maxwell"
    Yvonne Maxwell via Facebook
  • "So happy I decided to try your office. Amazing staff and great service! Thanks for all you do!"
    Mary Jayne Lacey via Facebook
  • "Dr. Moore fixed my daily headaches, low back pain, numbing toes, and a recent shoulder injury that allows me to finish my workouts pain free!"
    Katie Jones-Vidourek via Facebook
  • "Dr. Moore and his team are AMAZING! I never worry about feeling worse when I leave, my aches and pains just melt away"
    Christin Brown via Facebook
  • "Yesterday I came in for my first adjustment, the Doctors & staff are very friendly and helpful and my neck can move again! I feel amazing today! Thank You!"
    Jodi Hendrickson via Facebook
  • "Thank you Dr. Moore and the staff for a fantastic 1st visit! I feel great!!"
    Debbie Hiles via Facebook
  • "Thanks Sami for a great first massage experience! I loved it and can't wait to come again."
    Lynn Looser Riley via Facebook
  • "Very respectful and kind. Thank you Dr Moore and the whole team for exceptional service!"
    Arthur Brown via Facebook
  • "Dr Moore is a very caring professional who will listen to your needs and give you a plan of action"
    Greg Schenk via Facebook
  • "I have been coming to Mr Moore for years !! He is the best !!!"
    Amanda Finchum-Walter via Facebook
  • "Just had the best trigger point massage at Amerihealth Chiropractic"
    Matt Gregory via Facebook
  • "Dr. Moore help get me back on track fast.
    His staff is wonderful and informative."
    Felicia L Lang via Facebook
  • "Feeling so much better"
    Kathy Rodgers via Facebook


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