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Improve Your Health

Daily stretching is so critical to the success of your chiropractic care. Every patient will be given a specific exercise program based upon the condition of your health and overall outcome goals. It is important not just to do exercise but to do it right. We focus on having you learn the right way to do the exercises.

Since we aren't just a Chiropractic center but a Wellness Center as well, we want to offer anything we can to help you live your life with maximum health. We offer a personalized Nutrition program to all of our patients, prescribing specific supplements and vitamins to meet your needs. Using FDA approved Biomeridian computerized testing, computerized symptom analysis, and a customized program to assess the foundational pillars of health our goal is to help you achieve optimum health and avoid the unnecessary use of drugs to treat your symptoms. This program uses Standard Process Whole Food supplements and products to feed the body in the areas it is weak and building health from the inside out. Diet plans for healthy eating will be stressed to assure the the best results. Results will be shown both in how you feel but will be measured objectively. Seeing is believing and that is why we encourage you to check out the link on Biomeridian and the link on Standard Process. Isn’t about time you find out what your body needs?

Energy and Weight Loss
We will help by determining specific goals, getting baseline numbers and helping you chart your progress for long term changes. Attend our Healthy lifestyle workshop for a jump start on your program. See the workshop tab for more information. Check out or Advocare web link for more details

General Support Program
Helping you get basic nutrition questions answered and to encourage a healthy eating lifestyle. Check out our Provitamin link for more details

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