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Digital X-Ray and Diagnostic Scanning

Digital X-Ray

X-rays are often taken on most patients to give the doctor an inside look at what is going on with the bone structure of the entire spine and surrounding skeletal structure. From this x-ray, the doctor can tell your current spine angles as well as any potential further issues including the potential for additional information such as an MRI. With our state-of-the art Digital X-ray machine, images are easy and quick to take.

Diagnostic Scanning

We have a machine called the "Subluxation Station" which is designed to show us the function of a person's nerves. X-rays show the doctor what the spine looks like structurally, and then the Subluxation Station can tell us how the spine, nerves, and body is working functionally. This helps the Doctor to make a very confident diagnosis as to what is going on with each individual patient.

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